The Top Floor Event

During the 'Milan Design Week 2017', Artupia organized the 'ArtuParty' event on the top floor of a building in Corso Monforte, in Milan, with a stunningly suggestive view.

The location was transformed and prepared for the special event with a lot of artworks and live shows of different artists. In the evening, the main event was the presentation of the Artupia company, which carries out its commercial activity in the art sector through a website and an app, available on the Apple App Store. Artupia is indeed a digital startup with a double seat, in Milan and in London: two of the contemporary major centers of international business and finance, where the market becomes global.

The Core Idea

Artupia is an Italian startup, whose aim is to develop a via-web art market, getting rid of geographical and cultural boundaries. The project allows the artists to be under a real spotlight by letting both beginners and experts confront a broad public, without any previous judgment or any preclusions by art critics.

Artupia bases its selling system on an algorithm that, through different parameters, gives a starting value to the artworks when published by the artists on the web platform; the values then decrease or increase according to the users’ appreciation and their interactions with the paintings or with the artists’ profiles.

A Great Opportunity

Thanks to this system, Artupia is a great opportunity for artists as it is the only platform that allows them to start their career from zero and to find all the support they need to grow and have feedbacks from the public worldwide. You may be surprised by the fact that such an activity was created by very young, twenty years old guys that in spite of their lack of experience in this field were able to transform their intuition into a project. This is a successful example showing that young people can contribute concretely to our common future, facing the present with courage and tenacity.

Play the video if you want to see the presentations of the event #ArtuParty