Tree Ambitious Italian Guys

Artupia is a startup founded by three Italian guys (Albert, Marco and Arturo) with a very ambitious goal: creating a modern art market based on new technologies.

They believe that through technology they’ll be able to make people find the perfect artworks for them and at the same time help artists discover new and far away customers to whom they can send their artworks fast and easily.

Albert manages the development of the web and mobile platforms and he’s also in charge of general administration, Marco deals with marketing, Arturo develops the algorithm on which the selling system is based. At Artupia, they work hard every day to realize today the art market of the future.

An Algorithm to Evaluate Artworks

The project began in 2014 with the purpose of changing the way art is commonly evaluated nowadays: on the Artupia platform, the prices of artworks are not determined by any gallerists or art experts. The prices are indeed decided depending on the artwork characteristics and the public's demand.

The Artupia Team has studied an algorithm that initially gives the artwork a starting value based on dimensions, technique, cost of materials, hours of work; after this, the price is influenced by the appreciation and the interest of the users in terms of visualizations, addings to collections, followers and purchases.

Fair and Justified Prices

By cross-checking this data, the system gives a base evaluation to the artworks, then this starting value changes in real time: depending on the current users’ appreciation, an artwork’s price will be higher or lower.

In this way, Artupia allows users to buy artworks at a transparent and fair price: the system keeps track of every fluctuation, but the price cannot be lower than the minimum price that the artist has initially accepted to sell the artwork for.

A Team of 20ties

Albert, the CEO, says: 'Our team is made up of amazing people who help us because they believe in this project. Not everyone is actively working on the project at the moment but many will soon give a hand and others will probably get involved. Some of the people working with us manage the contents of Social Platforms, some help us create videos and a few more will help us develop the website. All of them are not older than 20 years old.'

They know it’s not easy and it requires some serious commitment but they are determined: 'Changing the world of art is not easy but we believe that the art market must keep up with the times, and we work to make this goal a reality' Albert adds.