The First Contest

Artupia is organizing a series of competitions to allow emerging artists to express, through their unique techniques and styles, their message and vision of characters, themes, and events of our contemporary era. Through the works of its artists, Artupia is going to give contemporary art a new, extremely actual channel of communication to make art more able to inspire people and stimulate reflections and debates. The topic Artupia has chosen for the first contest is the project to take humanity to Mars one, an idea conceived by one of the most influential people in the world, who has reached the 21st position in the ranking of the most powerful people on the planet: Elon Musk.

Appreciation to Win

There isn’t any fee to pay to join in these competitions, and a lot of artists were eager to participate to have the chance to win the prize of the first contest.

The competitions’ rules say that the winner will be the artist whose artwork will be most appreciated by Artupia users by the end of each contest. This evaluation system is based on the users’ interest and is also a way to push people to express their appreciation towards anything they like.

The winner will get two prizes: a cash prize to help the artist continue his/her activity and some advertising to help the artist extend his/her audience.

The Winner of the Contest

The winner of the first Artupia contest was Claymore, a girl from Lithuania based in the UK, with the artwork 'Reaching for Mars'. The painting is an acrylic on canvas that portrays an astronaut suspended in space, reaching out for the Red Planet with his arm.

Claymore has won $1000, and her artwork will be sent to Elon Musk with the message 'Elon, you want to take humanity to Mars, and we want to take art everywhere, even on Mars!'.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the chance to join in the next Artupia contest and become the next winner.