A New Contemporary Art Channel

The Artupia Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Artupia Instagram account: this is a step forward towards their goal of creating a new, worldwide channel for contemporary art.

'Instagram is the perfect social media to share daily contents and to reach a broad public every day, in order to share artworks with the world: we have finally found a place where we can express the creative side of our brand. We have a space where we can show to our public our artworks, sponsor our artists and keep people updated on our various promotional activities and on the development of new and incredible features' says the CEO.

Different types of posts to start

'We are going to start with a selection of different posts to catch the attention of new followers. We will show impressive works of contemporary artists, we will share the works of our artists, we will post the pictures of our 'a' stickers around the world and much more' says Albert.

The contents that you are going to see on the new Artupia account are:

  • ArtuArticle: Discover works by great artists from all over the world.

  • Over Text: Get involved in the unique atmosphere of one of our artworks.

  • ArtuQuote: Discover the quotes of the most famous people written with Artupia typeface!

  • ArtuSpark: Enjoy the creative process by watching videos of international artists!

  • ArtuSticker: Artupia travels all over the world: you can be part of it too!

  • Walking Around: Explore places full of art around cities all over the world

New Content Ideas for the Future

The Artupia team already has new ideas to entertain their audience. Albert adds: ' we will share new contents to make our profile more interesting and exciting! For instance, we will give people the chance to win an artwork by adding a comment to our posts or to win a prize by taking pictures of our 'a' stickers'.

In this list you can find the posts you will see in the next months on the new Artupia account:

  • Artupia Of The Day: Appreciate our artworks hanged on your walls!

  • People of Artupia: Look at pictures of the life of our artists on Instagram.

  • Tag / # Artupia: Use the tag or the hashtag “Artupia” to see your post on our profile.

  • Double choice: Explore our double choice to choose your favourite artwork.

  • Artist Of The Day: Discover techniques, stories, and photos of our artists.