Searching a New Brand Image

With the development of various features in 2016, the Artupia Team decided to find a logo that would give the company a simple, young and professional image all at the same time.

Finding a logo that can best represent a project is a crucial point to give the right first impression to the viewers, as it must be new, easily recognizable and distinctive.

Among the various contacts he found for the logo, the CEO Albert also included the global marketing company Landor, since it had been involved in the restyling of the famous Apple logo in 1998.

A Great Collaboration With Landor

A Landor manager replied to Albert’s request and was soon interested in the project. Although the newborn startup couldn’t afford the £ 100,000 budget requested for the work, the enthusiasm and the freshness of their idea let the Artupia Team get a 'pro bono' project.

The UK Landor team made great researches and deep studies on the Team’s idea, the project, the people working at it, the roadmap and the goals, to discover the essence of Artupia.

The Design Director Rebecca Barker says: 'The main idea is that art is for everyone. Everyone must able to afford a piece of handmade, original art on the site'.

The New Logo

At the end of the study, Landor designed a logo made of bright green letters against a nude background color, which aims to recall a 'blank canvas for the art pieces to shine', says design director Rebecca Barker.

The green 'a', first letter of the logo, is used across the site as a 'like' signifier for artworks to reinforce the brand, in the same way as the thumbs up symbol works on Facebook and the heart symbol works on Instagram.

The design of the website aims to give the platform 'a warm touch', says Albert, and to make it different from the other ice-cold art-selling websites.

With great enthusiasm, the Artupia team will launch the new brand in February 2017.