The green 'a' symbol

During their collaboration with Artupia, the global leader in brand consulting and design Landor introduced a green 'a' as a 'like' signifier for artworks, for the users to express their appreciation on the website and on the app, in the same way as the thumbs up symbol works on Facebook and the heart symbol works on Instagram.

Through this 'a' symbol, the users can “like” their favorite artworks and save them in their virtual collection. This system also has an impact on the artworks’ values, that increase or diminish depending on the paintings’ popularity on Artupia.

Express Appreciation With a Sticker

The idea of creating a new symbol to express appreciation got shaped into a biodegradable Sticker, to give people the possibility to stick it close to anything they like.

Friends, Artupia ambassadors and many other people started to take pictures of the 'a' stickers next to their favorite works of art or in places they loved. They started to regularly share their pictures on social medias and to send them to the Artupia Team. “We receive a lot of pictures, and we always post them on our Instagram account: our stickers are travelling the world and that’s amazing! We get pictures from France, United Kingdom, America and even Japan!” says Arturo, one of the founders.

Stay tuned for the Artupia 'sticker contests'

As so many friends and users were enthusiast to contribute in spreading Artupia’s belief around the world through the 'a' stickers, the Artupia Team is soon going to launch a Sticker Contest to give an artwork for free to the winner: “We want to reward the best 'a' sticker-picture and our users will choose the winner by voting the photo they like most. The picture that will be appreciated the most on Instagram will win one of our artworks! That's a way to thank our ambassadors and promote our art” says the CEO, Albert.

The Artupia team is always looking for new ways to help people express their interest and appreciation for what they like and to bring art closer to everyone every day.