People Daily Life Meets Art

If while walking around your city you came across a series of artworks with white frames lying on the street, you certainly were an unwitting participant of the Artupia event #TakeMeHome!

Artupia is a new art marketplace, and its goal is not only to help artists to broaden their public but also to give people the chance to experience art during their daily life by promoting these artists in original ways.

'We are trying to involve people in our project through events that bring contemporary art into their daily lives. We love to promote new styles and new artistic personalities. To do this, we are scheduling many new, exciting events, social events, and flash mobs' says the CEO Albert.

Decorating Three European Metropolises

'We believe that art is for everyone'. This is the message that stands out on the Artupia website.

And indeed last February the Artupia Team printed many copies of the details of 100 artworks by 100 young artists, they framed them and provided them with a handle so that passers-by could 'Take them Home'.

The founders Albert, Marco and Arturo, with a group of friends, used these paintings to decorate overnight for three days the streets and squares of Milan, Berlin, and London.

Each frame contained a reproduction of a different artwork, along with a hashtag, #TakeMeHome, and a QR code. The latter referred to a corresponding internet page, through which the actual artwork was available for people to buy.

The Feeling of Hanging Something We Like

People were surprised and at first a little suspiscious, but they soon started to take the chance and to pick up one or more artworks and to take them home.

'We surprised people thanks to art and we joined their enthusiasm, but above all we reminded them the pleasant and fulfilling sensation you feel when you take home an artwork and you hang it on the wall. Contemporary art is not only in museums: art is something deeply personal that belongs to each of us and we have to be able to always take it with us. Our goal is to always keep alive this feeling,' adds Marco, one of the Artupia founders.

Play the video if you want to see the presentation of the event #TakeMeHome: