About us

The new art marketplace

Artupia is the new contemporary art marketplace born to help you finding the best artworks created by emerging artists just for you.

Artupia was born to break down barriers between art and people, to create new collectors, to find new talents and most of all to promote the maximum sharing of emerging art.

How we do it

We work every day to help you finding the right art for you and meeting incredible artists, to offer you various and amazing artworks, to let you discover new charismatic composition and engaging atmospheres. We use the latest technologies to make your art consultation exciting, something that you want to share with your friends and your family. To find the perfect artwork for you and the one that fits you perfectly.

Our mission

We believe in a world where you communicate and express who you are through a piece of art. We believe in the power of art to give emotions, to inspire, to evoke a reflection, to change things and make them better. We believe that an artwork hanging on the wall is somehow connected to our intimate sphere. We believe that art has to be first felt, and only after that it can be understood. We believe we can be attached to a piece of art and that a piece of art, sometimes, can really change our life.


Artupia started in 2014 and it was launched in 2017. We are based in Milan and London. If you want to contact us for questions or some advice please write to contact@artupia.com.

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Find the Art that fits you

Artupia helps you discover the style that fits your unique taste. By basing ourselves on calculations of the users’ interactions with our artworks, we offer you many opportunities to come across your favourite pieces and develop your passion: through our categories and filters and basing also on your friend’s collections, we recommend you some of our pieces to let you appreciate various artistic compositions and feel new emotions every day.

Augmented reality

Our idea of art was not to create pieces for a computer or mobile screen neither for a gallery. Our art is made just for your home. The Artupia app allows you to use Augmented Reality to visualize the artworks in your home so that you can try them on your walls before you buy them. It’s just like an art gallery in your pocket: the app will show you how any artworks online look on the wall in front of you, with realistic dimensions and colors.

Price is set by demand.

Driven by demand

On Artupia, prices are based on the users' engagement and demand. We would like to find a genuine interest in discovering and getting know new art masterpieces, styles and talents of our era. So the more our users like, collect, purchase, view and share the artworks of an artist, the more the prices and quotations of those artworks grow in real time.

Please note: all the values are examples

Safe purchase.

Artupia gives you a 100% safe transaction

We hold your payment until the artwork gets to you, in order to guarantee the success of the transaction and always let you experience a safe and positive purchase. Moreover, if you have any problems with the artwork you've bought , you can return it within 7 days from the delivery date.

Resale chance.


Artupia keeps track of every transaction and of the growth of the artists' and artworks' quotations, so we allow you to resell any artworks you've previously bought on our platform. You just have to press the “on sale” button and when someone buys your artwork, we notify you the purchase. After that, Artupia immediately organizes the shipment. You just have to pack the artwork, print the shipment label and wait for the courier. Easy peasy.


Our Artists

Artupia helps emerging artists share as much as possible their art. We help them find the right evaluation for their artworks, to reach far away art lovers, save time, be updated on the more requested topics and have free advertising and chances to expose their pieces. Artupia offers it's services in 28 countries at the moment and we are working hard every day to extend our Nations list.


Artupia offers our artists the chance to succeed in their artistic careers. We believe in the principle of own merits: we think that an artist's quotation should grow accordingly to his/her success in reaching people's interest and improving demand. Therefore, the first time you upload an artwork, Artupia gives your work a 'starting evaluation' based on its physical characteristics such as materials, dimensions, technique, hours of work. Then, for each 'like reaction', 'collection add', 'purchase', 'view', 'share' - and basing on other parameters as well - your artwork's price and value will improve and your quotation as an artist will grow real-time. When you upload a new artwork your current quotation will influence your 'starting price'. The same rules are applied for every artist.

Simplified Shipment

When you accept the Artupia evaluation your artwork is officially "on sale” (although you can press the “off sale” button whenever you want). When someone buys your artwork, we notify you the purchase.

After that, Artupia immediately organizes the shipment, which is paid by the buyer. You just need to pack the artwork, print the shipment label and wait for the courier. After the delivery, we will transfer to you the payment.

Copyright & Fee

Artupia tracks and stores every transaction, so we allow the buyer to resell an artwork bought on our platform. For each transaction after the artist’s sale (any amount), the latter will receive a 5% copyright fee. We believe that the paternity of the artwork must be rewarded.

Artupia will hold 20% from the first sale and 15% from the next re-sales of the same artwork.

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