Opera d'arte No. 465

Untled 2



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Cera su Metallo


11 X 16 inch

Data di creazione

08 Marzo 2014

Cera su Metallo (11 X 16 inch)

Realizzato su 08 Marzo 2014



Questo prezzo aumenterà, Perché?

100% Garanzia di Rimborso

Descrizione dell'artista: Engraving /Tecnique Metal eitching and aquatint. To be a writer is necessary, first, to know the technical background and materials.The process requires a lot of application.It's time.In the course of the seizure of the object, its record in the array and the picture is the artist and his willingness to poetic, to represent and organize the forms of the world in order to make them visible.Here begins also the aesthetic, the ability to realize the power of the object of presenting an artistic way and therefore autonomous. William Menkes work quality illustrate the process.The seriesUrban Geometriesfollows the heels of Rodchenko, Russian photographer considered the initiator of the conceptual picture regarding the ability to discover new "visual opportunities" in familiar objects.The transmission towers, so common in our day, Menkes mobilize them to seek angles, shadows and textures that the image repetition in daily life often clears our eyes.Hence the shock that may take against iron bars when removed from the context approximate higher and so lose their references (picture 4).When this occurs, usually also causes an interesting approach of the observer.After all, what is this?Losing the reference, the image is no longer figurative, descriptive, but even being strange, it is still something.


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