Opera d'arte No. 508

The Emotions



Questo prezzo aumenterà, Perché?


Guazzo su Tela


31 X 47 inch

Data di creazione

21 Febbraio 2016

Guazzo su Tela (31 X 47 inch)

Realizzato su 21 Febbraio 2016



Questo prezzo aumenterà, Perché?

100% Garanzia di Rimborso

Descrizione dell'artista: I used color blue and pink to realize this painting. The first is the sphere of the emotions and calms the mood; Instead pink represents sweetness and tenderness . Hearts represent for me feelings , love and emotions . These are combined with colors like orange, red , white, fuchsia , pink and purple playing in contrast to the blue and pink. Everyone has injuries and these are represented by the wooden sticks that are masked by colors , as if to indicate that , although we do not forget , are masked by the way we live . The glitter used are the light that radiate outward from us and with whom we involve others . All this indicates that everything is still ahead and that our life is made up of events that are not positive but our best emotions that represent our true identity I can turn them in a positive way .


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