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Cera su Tela


35 X 59 inch

Data di creazione

11 Marzo 2015

Cera su Tela (35 X 59 inch)

Realizzato su 11 Marzo 2015



Questo prezzo aumenterà, Perché?

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Descrizione dell'artista: Lara Scolari is a Contemporary Australian Visual Artist, whom lives and works full time on her art making practice within her vibrant light filled studio located in the heart of Sydney’s, Balmain. Within Lara’s art making practice the mediums she focuses on exploring are Painting & Drawing (large scale, mixed media), Sculpture (clay – hand building), Printmaking (Collographs, and Relief), Digital Media as well as Textiles. With many years’ experience working in the Arts and Cultural sector, Lara continues her study and is currently undertaking a Masters in Cross Disciplinary Arts and Design with COFA UNSW. Reflecting on personal experiences and discussing nurturing and love as well as the hidden undercurrents and agendas that are involved with these emotive states. Lara has expanded and developed this concept which informs an intimate visual language that is expressed within her work. An action painter, Lara’s work is produced in an Abstract Expressionist style that explore developed experimental techniques and processes. Lara builds up each work using a variety of media creating depth through transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas. Prolifically producing strong considered bodies of work Lara’s coveted artworks are beautiful in organic form, line, shape and composition.


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