5 Incredible Facts to Discover About Frank Stella

Undoubtedly one of the influential figures of American art, Frank Stella’s masterpieces broadened the horizons of contemporary art to make way for his ‘maximalist’ 3D explorations of colour. His progressive approach to materials, including the use of aluminium, cars and generic household paint, changed the course of abstract art in the 1950s.

Photography vs Painting: Why a Custom Painting is the Best of Both Worlds

We think photography has given everyone the ability to be an artist, which is why we have paired this dominant visual currency with the deeply emotional value of painting, bringing you the best of both: Custom Paintings.

He turns wastes into colourful Art #ArtistOfTheWeek

Last Monday we introduced you to Emiliano Cavalli , this dynamic and colorful artist. Today we’d like to focus on one of his artworks, Lost Fish. If you participated in our event #MakeArtNotPollution then you probably already met Emiliano and had the chance to admire his work and Lost Fish. His talent made him selected by Disney to complete a painting for the film launch of “Marry Poppins, The return.”

From Elon Musk to “La Dama con il Pavone”, Davide won the hearts of all

He studied to become a computer engineer, but his heart has been beating for years for painting.
His name is Davide and he has already won the hearts of many. Today we will talk about the painting La Dama con il Pavone, a painting born from a simple photograph.

Dal ritratto di Elon Musk alla Dama con il Pavone ha conquistato il cuore di tutti

Il quadro che vorrei promuovere è “La dama con il pavone”. Ho realizzato questo quadro sulla base di una foto scattata da mio padre. È un’immagine magnifica in cui una donna bellissima guarda lontano, sopra ad una scalinata. La posa è statica, ma molto suggestiva. La dama con il pavone …

Art in Milan: 5 events you should not miss!

In the rush for your Christmas gifts and never a moment for you? No problem, let’s all take a deep breath and make things easier. We’ll do something for you, something useful that will enrich your time outside the office and make your days even more productive.

Avete mai visto gli stili di Picasso, Haring, Lichtenstein, Warhol e Magritte in un unico dipinto?

La settimana scorsa vi abbiamo presentato Elena Galimberti, una pittrice milanese facilmente riconoscibile per le sue opere colorate e davvero espressive. Oggi parleremo di uno specifico dipinto che ha realizzato: 4 Mele, olio su tela che fa parte di una serie che Elena ha lanciato per reinterpretare il talento di …