5 Binge-Worthy Films About Art and Artists

A film about art often triggers a profound apathy in many, where the thought of watching a tortured (and usually highly-privileged) ‘artiste’ navigate life is nothing more than an eye-roll fest. We’re here, however, to show you that not every film about art is itself an experimental, art-house production realised in a warehouse-come-arcane-cinema in East London.

5 Out-Of-The-Blue Facts to Discover About Yves Klein

The child of two artists, Yves Klein’s penchant for painting ran in his blood. With no artistic training, Klein sought inspiration from his surroundings, jazz, eastern religions and esoteric literature. The young artist famously ‘divided up the universe’ with his creative friends, poet Claude Pascal and artist, Arman Fernadez. Pascal claimed language, Fernandez ruled the animal kingdom and Klein crucially chose the sky, claiming it to be his ‘first artwork.’ Convinced the future of the art world would be monochrome, Klein devoted his career to the colour blue, creating the International Klein Blue as a result. The exact formula for the colour has still never been revealed, with many creatives attempting to replicate it even today.