Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Why a Custom Painting is the Perfect Present

We have woken up to calamity and many of us are unable to visit our loved ones, leaving us instead logging into Zoom calls to salvage the echo of familiar faces and voices over a virtual aperitivo. At a time when we feel powerless, it’s important to remember we are not. Staying at home, washing your hands as you sing Happy Birthday is important (especially to those born in March and April), but nothing is as effective as love and compassion. I’m not saying we can cure Covid-19 with a hug (a rampant violation of the one metre rule, so please don’t try this at home), but it is through solidarity that we can triumph.

David Hockney Spreads Optimism With his iPad Artwork

The 82-year-old artist shared a new drawing, aptly completed on his iPad, as he too makes the move online from his lockdown in Normandy. Featuring four daffodils timidly blooming with the arrival of spring, Hockney’s digital artwork seeks to communicate a message of hope to his viewers. Entitled, “Do Remember They Can’t Cancel Spring”, the British artist reminds us that despite the dark period we’re living in, lighter days quite literally await.

Three Valuable Lessons Coronavirus Teaches us About the Art Industry

Social distancing practices are spreading faster than the virus itself, as countries like China and Italy impose draconian measures in order to curb the spread, and to protect those most vulnerable. Spending days in self-isolation can not only have adverse effects on our mental health but it can be especially …

5 Female Contemporary Artists who Transformed the Art World

As with many other cultural spheres, the contemporary art world is largely white, and largely male. Women artists have had to traverse huge obstacles to attain visibility in galleries and on platforms reserved for visual arts. Linda Nochlin’s 1974 essay Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? investigated these obstacles, and why women artists are methodically excluded from the art historical canon.

INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa chose the colour Artupia

The well-known Spanish hotel group Melia inaugurated in December 2019, a new hotel in Milan, and Artupia has been selected as their art provider. A great opportunity for us to promote and share the talent of our artists.

Politics and Painting: The Artists’ Vital Role in Rewriting Social Discourse

The artist-led campaign, Artists4Bernie, attracted hundreds of signatures, including the support of artists such as Kara Walker and Wu Tsang,  before formally suspending his campaign in April 2020.  Often critical of US imperialism, Bernie Sanders is a rare political figure who many feel they can trust.

INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa sceglie Artupia

La famosa catena alberghiera spagnola Melia Hotels International ha inaugurato a dicembre 2019 un nuovo hotel a Milano e Artupia è stata scelta come loro fornitore di opere d’arte. E’ stata per noi un’opportunità fantastica per promuovere e condividere il talento dei nostri artisti.

Photography vs Painting: Why a Custom Painting is the Best of Both Worlds

We think photography has given everyone the ability to be an artist, which is why we have paired this dominant visual currency with the deeply emotional value of painting, bringing you the best of both: Custom Paintings.