5 Facts About The Painter of Music: Wassily Kandinsky

By the late 19th century, the boundary between music and art had been severely blurred, as more and more artists embraced pseudo-spirituality and finding links between art forms and cancelling the distinction between them . Art, literature, poetry, music and performance became one spiritual experience. Today would have been Wassily …

Five Fascinating Facts about Mark Rothko

Despite his turbulent start in life, Rothko would become one of the most significant painiters of the post-war period. His blatant refusal to mimic nature and instead reduce matter to planes of vibrant colour, paved the way to monochrome painting. Here are five things you should definitely know about Mark …

5 Incredible Facts to Discover About Frida Kahlo

Today is Frida Kahlo’s (supposed) 110th birthday! The Mexican artist was actually born in 1907 but frequently told people her birthday was three years later , so it would coincide with the start of the Mexican Revolution. An activist and artist, Kahlo not only used her portraits to communicate the …

5 Incredible Facts to Discover About Damien Hirst

Britain’s most famous living artist, Damien Hirst is a true officer of change. His paintings, installations and sculptures continue to divide the art world, where highfalutin protectors of real art consider his works an insult to the avant garde. Hirst was a controversial figure from the very beginning of his …

5 Incredible Facts to Discover About Frank Stella

Undoubtedly one of the influential figures of American art, Frank Stella’s masterpieces broadened the horizons of contemporary art to make way for his ‘maximalist’ 3D explorations of colour. His progressive approach to materials, including the use of aluminium, cars and generic household paint, changed the course of abstract art in the 1950s.

5 Surreal Facts to Discover About Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí, or Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech if you’re keen, remains the most famous and influential surrealist painter. His legacy continues to inspire today, where not only artists attempt to mirror his artistry, but hit shows like La Casa de Papel were influenced by his unique visage. When he wasn’t hanging out with artist buddies, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, he was busy creating a visual language to reproduce the masked corners of the human subconscious.

5 Out-Of-The-Blue Facts to Discover About Yves Klein

The child of two artists, Yves Klein’s penchant for painting ran in his blood. With no artistic training, Klein sought inspiration from his surroundings, jazz, eastern religions and esoteric literature. The young artist famously ‘divided up the universe’ with his creative friends, poet Claude Pascal and artist, Arman Fernadez. Pascal claimed language, Fernandez ruled the animal kingdom and Klein crucially chose the sky, claiming it to be his ‘first artwork.’ Convinced the future of the art world would be monochrome, Klein devoted his career to the colour blue, creating the International Klein Blue as a result. The exact formula for the colour has still never been revealed, with many creatives attempting to replicate it even today.