5 Incredible Facts to Discover About Andy Warhol

Soup can painter extraordinaire and Marilyn Monroe Diptych maestro, Andy Warhol was a bright star of the 20th – century art world. Warhol , whose contributions to pop art were unparalleled, started his career in commercial advertising , drawing shoes for Glamour magazine . He would go on to …

Trends We Love: Pop Art Paintings

1950s icon, Marilyn Monroe, would have celebrated her 94th birthday on Monday, if she hadn’t fallen victim to the stifling pressures of celebrity and fame. Marilyn’s face was so ubiquitous in the 50s and 60s that she additionally became the face of pop art , gracing Andy Warhol’s diptych in …

5 Amazing Facts to Discover About Keith Haring

Inspired by the vibrancy of Pop art, the political undertones of street art and the ever-changing landscape of New York City, Keith Haring was an icon of the 1980s art scene. His simplified depictions of people, hearts, babies and dogs defined his artistic legacy. In spite of the minimalist nature of his drawings, he was able to convey an incredible profundity, depth and nuance in his works. Artupia, therefore, brings you five things you didn’t know about the artist.

He turns wastes into colourful Art #ArtistOfTheWeek

Last Monday we introduced you to Emiliano Cavalli , this dynamic and colorful artist. Today we’d like to focus on one of his artworks, Lost Fish. If you participated in our event #MakeArtNotPollution then you probably already met Emiliano and had the chance to admire his work and Lost Fish. His talent made him selected by Disney to complete a painting for the film launch of “Marry Poppins, The return.”